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Remediation is usually the type of assignment where the need for remediation has arisen after deaths, animals, accidents, garbage, excrement, misery, or other types of unsanitary conditions. Sometimes the need can also arise in connection with collecting/hoarding, when a person, for example, lives with old food scraps, faeces, body fluids, smells or the like.

Many times it is about situations where, for various reasons, you have not had the opportunity to clean or dispose of objects for a longer period. It is very common for relatives, landlords or associations to contact us to get help with emptying the accommodation. Often there is a risk of eviction because the situation may have created a sanitary nuisance, vermin or fire risk. This often requires a total emptying of the home, after which the cleaning is carried out.

Of course, we take valuables into account, work discreetly and protect confidentiality. As there is often a risk of infection and danger of stab wounds or cuts during the execution of the assignment, we are extremely careful about safety and our staff is trained and has equipment to minimize these risks.


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