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Company cleaning

​Our cleaning heroes are cruel at company cleaning! Do what you do best and we'll make sure you have it clean and tidy. We fix all kinds of cleaning companies could wish for!

A clean workplace is a productive workplace!

Your employees find it easier to focus on their work and feel better when the environment is dust-free and without full trash cans.

We carry out all kinds of cleaning for small, medium and large companies. Everything from the small office to the large industries.

Call or email us and we'll tell you what we can do for your particular company. Phone: 0581-660 298 or email:

Kixon's cleaning team is based in Lindesberg and Örebro. But we also clean in Karlskoga, Kopparberg, Guldsmedshyttan, Nora, Gyttorp, Frövi and Fellingsbro and the surrounding area.


Request company cleaning

Submit a free inquiry. We will get back to you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday). 
Sometimes our answers end up in your junk mail box. Also check there if you haven't received a reply in time. You can also email directly to or call on the phone 0581-660 298.

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