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Stair cleaning


Stair cleaning means that entrances and stairwells must be clean, pleasant and safe. It is usually the staircase that is someone's first impression and therefore it should preferably give a feeling of welcome. 

Stair cleaning is mainly ordered by condominium associations and property managers. Cleaning normally takes place once a week during spring, summer and autumn. In winter, the stairwell may need to be cleaned more often. We adapt our bookings to your wishes. We can also take care of your other premises such as storage,  the common room and the like.

It depends a little on how big the property is and how many people pass through the stairwell daily, we usually say that 1 time a week is enough for a normal-sized property. During the winter months, however, cleaning may be needed more often than that. We will be happy to come and assess your needs before we submit a quote.

Request stairs cleaning

Submit a free inquiry. We will get back to you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday). 
Sometimes our answers end up in your junk mail box. Also check there if you haven't received a reply in time. You can also email directly to or call on the phone 0581-660 298.

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