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Highest credit rating

Kixon is AAA-rated by Bisnode.


AAA is the highest credit rating a limited company can receive. In order to obtain the highest credit rating, the company must, among other things, have a turnover of more than 2 million, have been active for at least 10 years and have key figures that are significantly above the industry average.

Bisnode evaluates all of Sweden's companies according to the same model where the companies are compared by industry. The assessment is completely independent and all companies are treated in the same way. On a scale from the lowest C to the highest AAA, the companies are valued.


Bisnode's credit rating model is so transparent that it already catches 90% of all bankruptcies a year in advance.

Högsta kreditvärdighet | Kixon AB | Städfirma | Sverige
Högsta kreditvärdighet | Kixon AB | Städfirma | Sverige
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