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Home cleaning

Let us take care of your home cleaning. We have extensive experience in cleaning and always adapt to your needs!


You choose how often you want us to come and clean. We can come

on occasional occasions orrecurring such as every week, every two weeks or every four weeks.

Regardless of how often you wish to have cleaning help, each cleaning is carried out according to our cleaning list. Our cleaning staff carefully follow all the steps that the cleaning list contains, but we are also open to adapting the cleaning according to your individual wishes and needs so that you feel equally satisfied after each cleaning done!

We can also help you with other  additional services such as window cleaning, ironing and laundry etc. 

We have all the cleaning equipment with us to carry out the cleaning in a professional manner. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for a price proposal. Phone: 0581-660 298 or

About RUT deductions
The service gives the right to a tax reduction. This means that it is a household service (RUT) and that you as a customer only pay 50 percent of the labor cost. The tax reduction is administered by us at Kixon when you receive the invoice, all to make it easy for you.

Read more about RUT deductions here >>


Contact us 
Call or email us and we'll tell you what we can do for your particular home. Phone: 0581-660 298 or email:


Here we are
Kixon's cleaning team is based in Lindesberg and Örebro but cleans in the entire Örebro county such as Örebro, Lindesberg, Karlskoga, 
Kopparberg,  Guldsmedshyttan, Storå, Nora, Gyttorp , Frövi, Fellingsbro, Stora Mellösa, Odensbacken, Ervalla and surroundings.​

Checklist for house cleaning

All rooms

  • Shaking of smaller & small rugs (if available).

  • Dusts furniture, lamps and free surfaces.

  • Polishing of mirrors and paintings if they are framed with glass.

  • Emptying trash cans.

  • Vacuuming of floors, carpets and upholstered/upholstered furniture.

  • Mopping floors.


  • Shaking of smaller & small rugs (if available).

  • Drying of kitchen doors and kitchen cabinets externally.

  • Drying white goods and fan outside.

  • Cleaning the cabinet where the waste container is located inside.

  • Cleaning of the sink and kitchen counter, stove and cake

  • Cleaning the sink

  • Dusting according to "all rooms"


  • Cleaning of bathtub/shower and toilet.

  • Drying of bathroom cabinets outside

  • Cleaning of faucets and sinks.

  • Drying of walls.

  • Polish mirrors.

  • Dusting according to "all rooms"

This is not included in a basic cleaning:

  • We do not pull out furniture & cleaning behind.

  • We do not lift large carpets and clean under them.

  • We do not move things that are, for example, on top of a cupboard or under a bed to access, but we clean the surfaces that have been removed.

  • We don't collect things that are scattered.


We are happy to carry out what is not included in the basic cleaning, please let us know what you want and we will add it to your customer profile. For more information please contact customer service.

Request home cleaning

Submit a free inquiry. We will get back to you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday). 
Sometimes our answers end up in your junk mail box. Also check there if you haven't received a reply in time. You can also email directly to or call on the phone 0581-660 298.

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