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How do you get box deductions?

It is not you as a customer who applies for tax deduction, but the tax deduction is applied for by those who carry out the work. The cost is deducted from the invoice by us.


Window deductions clean - Rules & Terms

As with all other types of household services, 50% of the total labor cost is deductible when it comes to house cleaning, thanks to the box deduction. This means that you could absolutely get help with your house cleaning for a total of SEK 100,000 a year in order to use the entire window deduction of SEK 50,000 per year. At the turn of the year 2021, this amount instead lands at SEK 150,000 per year to utilize the full box deduction of SEK 75,000 per year. A sum that is undoubtedly enough and is left over as a box deduction for house cleaning, throughout the year.

Home cleaning that gives RUT

Rule number one with regard to box deductions for home cleaning is that the cleaning service must be performed in or in connection with your residence, for example a condominium, rental property or holiday home. Areas/spaces adjacent to your home are, for example, your balcony, storage room and garage. It applies that the cleaning assistance is of a simpler kind and then the following cleaning services are included:

  • Vacuuming, dust drying, washing and window cleaning.

  • Clean out storage areas such as drawers, cupboards and fridges and freezers.

  • Move furniture that needs to be moved to make it possible to clean certain surfaces.

  • Clean the patio by sweeping and drying with simple tools.

  • House cleaning in connection with moving into or moving out of residence.

  • Cleaning and cleaning of stove and fan in kitchen, to the extent that surfaces are dried and filters are cleaned.

Have you found cleaning services for home cleaning in the list above that you have used or intend to use? Then make sure to calculate your tax deduction at

Who is entitled to tax deductions?

In order to be entitled to RUT deductions, the following requirements are met:

  • You must be over 18 years of age and have had unlimited tax liability during the year. This means that the applicant must have paid tax in Sweden.

  • The work must be one that qualifies for box deductions. Ensuring this is a shared responsibility between you as a customer and the contractor.

  • The applicant must have paid for the grid work before the end of the year.

  • The applicant must have square deductions left to use (right to a deduction of SEK 50,000 in square deductions, together with root deductions, per year).

  • You must live in whole or in part in the residence where the service is performed. Holiday homes, condominiums or cottages can also count as housing if you own or rent (regardless of time). This is with the exception of work in parents' residence. If you have paid for work in your parents' home, however, it applies that they are resident in Sweden because you, who have paid for the service in question, are entitled to a tax deduction.

  • Close relatives may not carry out the work, which will then be tax-reduced with square deductions. Then the square deduction will not be approved.

  • Square deductions are also not approved when the applicant runs a sole proprietorship or is in any way involved in other forms of company that intend to perform the service in question.

How does square deduction work?

The square deduction works in such a way that you, who ordered a job, may only have to pay a certain percentage of the cost, while the remaining cost is financed via tax.

RUt deduction is a form of tax deduction intended for private individuals. The grid deduction means that you are entitled to a tax reduction for various services and work that takes place in your home.

The square deduction can often appear to be somewhat complicated. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

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