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Entrance mats

Rent entrance mats

Do you want to give your visitors an extra welcoming impression? In that case, we recommend one of our custom-made entrance rugs that fit the dimensions of your particular entrance. The carpets absorb 75% of all dirt and also wetness after rain and snow. In this way, it is always clean and nice in the entrance. With the help of our carpet service, you also keep your entrance carpet fresh and looking good every day.

Everything is included in our rental service. Profitable, smart and flexible. Rental service is a good way to avoid investment costs and reduce cleaning costs. We buy in the carpets and regularly replace them with clean ones in your premises.


You decide the replacement interval. We clean the carpets in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner in modern facilities, and put them in the right place. The carpets are always quality checked before delivery. Rental service ensures that you have clean and fresh carpets for a stylish indoor environment.

Advantages of rental service

  • No investment costs

  • Individual advice

  • Cleaner floors

  • Reduced floor wear

  • Reduced cleaning costs

  • Better indoor environment

  • Reduced risk of slip injuries

  • Regular carpet changes

  • We pick up and drop off

  • Simple and convenient

Logo mats

If you want a carpet with your own design, the company's logo or extra dirt repellent, then we can arrange it. Take help from us to discuss and share your thoughts. Together, we start from your business profile, your needs for specific carpet properties and what is possible to design. The ideas are transformed into creative proposals that then become unique carpets in your environment.

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