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Industrial cleaning

Difficult to find the right cleaning for your business premises, industrial premises and warehouse?


Kixon offers industrial and shop cleaning that covers all your needs for all your premises. We have extensive experience in cleaning everything from small car workshops to larger warehouses, shops and industries. We help you to have a more pleasant working environment.


Industrial cleaning that includes most things. We know that all premises are different and therefore the needs also differ.

Here are some of the elements included:

  • Machine scrubbing of floors

  • Cleaning of changing rooms, lunchrooms, toilets, kitchens etc.

  • Refills consumables (paper, soap, etc.)

Inquiry industrial cleaning

Submit a free inquiry. We will get back to you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday). 
Sometimes our answers end up in your junk mail box. Also check there if you haven't received a reply in time. You can also email directly to or call on the phone 0581-660 298.

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