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Authorized service company


This means that Kixon AB is approved by the industry organization Almega.

The authorization is created to strengthen the industry's reputation and reputation by controlling and highlighting serious companies on the market. The authorized companies renew their authorization annually and thereby guarantee a high level of reliability.

Authorization requires, among other things, that the company:

  • has an Fskattsedel and is registered in the VAT and employer contribution register

  • have no tax debt with the enforcement agency

  • has endorsed the audit report registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office

  • is a member of Almega and follows the current collective agreement for its employees

  • provides all new employees with introductory training in accordance with the collective agreement

  • follows Almega Serviceföretagen's General Contract Terms or the equivalent

  • has liability insurance of at least the amount stated in the General Contract Terms

  • follows the General Complaints Board's decisions and recommendations

  • has a documented environmental management system or is environmentally certified

  • have visible ServiceID or ID06 on their employees


Kixon AB can then in March 2022 qualify as an Authorized Service Company!

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