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The purpose of ID06 - General provisions on the obligation to provide identification and attendance reporting - is above all to make undeclared work and economic crime more difficult and to strengthen healthy competition.
ID06 means in brief that:

  • the contractor (subcontractor/supplier) is obliged to notify the client (general/general contractor) in writing in advance of the names and social security numbers of those who have the right to be on the construction site.

  • everyone on the construction site is required to be able to show valid identification

  • everyone on the construction site is required to wear a visible name badge e.dyl. 

  • The client is obliged to keep a daily attendance register (personnel register) of everyone staying at the construction site. The daily attendance register must be saved for two years and kept available for possible inspection by the Tax Agency

  • The client has the right to reject people who have not been notified in advance or who lack identification.

  • The client has the right to demand a fine of SEK 500 per person and day in the event that an employee of the client cannot provide identification.

  • The contractor is obliged to invoke ID06 in agreements with any subcontractors.


ID06 - Mandatory ID and presence reporting at the construction site

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